What is orange wine? It has everything to do with the color, and nothing to do with the citrus fruit. The term "orange wine" was coined in 2004 to describe an ancient method of making skin-contact white wines. The more correct term is Amber Wine, but "orange" has stuck and the two are used interchangeably. 

Skin-contact white wines were very popular throughout history until the early 1950s, when clear white wines came into fashion. Amber wines remained popular in the Eastern European countries that maintained traditional wine-making methods, and with the East opening back up to trade with the West, the wines began to make their way back to our shelves and dinner tables. 

House of Pure Vin offers a variety of Amber wines from around the world. They range from lush and savory to funky to light and crisp. Interested in trying one? Talk to one of our Wine Experts today!