What is a Natural Wine?

There is currently no official definition. At House of Pure Vin, we consider a Natural Wine to be a low intervention wine where nothing is added, nothing is taken away. Natural includes using native yeasts (the yeast that grows naturally on the skins of the grapes) rather than commercial yeasts, very small and mindful use of sulphur. This definition actually covers about 80% of our wine.

So how to do WE at House of Pure Vin select wines for our Natural Wine section? By taste profile. The term Natural also applies to a sub-category of low-to-no intervention wines that are crunchy. Bright, acidic, often unfined. These wines have a tangy newness to them, a delightful tart-crispness that makes them delicious at cellar temp or slightly chilled. These are wines that are made to be drunk young. Sometimes they are funky, most times they are not. What they all are is delicious!