Wyncroft "Shou" LePage Estate, 2019

Style: Medium-body red     Vintage: 2019      

Varietals:  47% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc, 13% Merlot

Appellation: Fennville      Region: Michigan     Country: United States

“Shou” (pronounced Show) is a traditional Chinese symbol meaning “longevity” or “quality".  It is a fitting name for our traditional Bordeaux-style blends as this family of grapes is famous for producing long-lived, quality wines.

The dark red violet color shines in the glass and smells of classic young Bordeaux with earthy berries and a hint of dried tobacco leaves. The palate, upon entry, is already silky smooth with very bright red currant and blackberry flavors with a savory edge that reminds one of honey glazed breaded mushrooms. The finish turns very fresh with raspberries, sweet brown spice, and fine dusty tannins. The wine is youthful, but already drinking well. Altogether a lovely Claret style that is complex and delicious.