Uva de Vida Ancestral Rosado

Style: Dry Sparkling          Vintage: 2019             AVB: 13.95%

Varietal: Tempranillo         Appellation: VdlT Castilla 

Region: Castilla e La Mancha               Country: Spain

‘These are living wines, capable of influencing our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. They help us to feel free & coherent. They are wines that reach the heart & have their own music.’ – Carmen López Delgado, Winemaker

The 2019 Uva de Vida Ancestral Rosado comes from the estate’s young Tempranillo vines, and comes from a portion of the fruit that is used for the winery’s still Biografico Tempranillo. The grapes are hand harvested and treated like the Rosado, having only spent several hours on the skins versus days or weeks. During natural fermentation, when the must still has sugar that is fermenting, the juice is placed into bottle under crown cap, so that the fermentation may continue yet the CO2 has nowhere to go except for into the wine. Once complete, the bottles rest until the wine is ordered, and the dead yeast cells are disgorged to order, leaving a clean and finished and very fresh ‘pet-nat’. This ancient sparkling method brings such incredible texture and mouth feel to the finished wine, expressing dark floral tones, bright lively fruit, and all the while with an earthy balance.