Truffle Hunter Barbera d'Asti 2018

Style: Dry Red   Vintage: 2018      ABV:

Appellation: Barbera d'Asti    Varietal: Barbera      

Region: Piedmont        County:  Italy

Valter, the owner of this winery, chooses to devote to Leda a Barbera d’Asti, which is one of the most typical wines of the Langhe area. Valter says to his winemakers:“Barbera reminds me of Leda: it’s loyal and strong, it never betrays you and it stays always close to you.”

A wine devoted to a truffle-hunting dog? How did that come about?

This story is about a 6 years old boy, who discovers a precious treasure and a love and who feels an intense and real passion, as only childhood passions could be. The little’s guy name is Valter and one day he felt in love with truffle hunting. Truffle is one of the most precious and mysterious product of the ground. This love will continue all life long.

Now Valter is a grown man, who built his life and his family on a piedmontese winery, in Santo Stefano Belbo, a hilly area, covered by vineyards, in one of the most beautiful place in Italy. In this area vines have been cultivated for centuries and many of the best wines and spumanti in the world are produced. This is such a beautiful place, that in 2014 Unesco listed it in the World Heritage Sites because of its art cities, ancient villages and amazing landscapes.

Valter's third dog was Leda, a Lagotto Romagnolo is the breed, one of the most famous and well known for hunting truffles. She will stay with Valter for 15 years. A wonderful, strong and kind dog. The relationship between Leda and Valter is so strong and passionate that when she passes away, he asks his friend to bury her in a vine far from the Winery, where the ground is always quiet. He puts on her a blanket: “so she won’t be cold”. This is the symbol of the relationship that connects truffle hunters with their dog forever. A relationship built on loyalty, friendship and love that is much more than a simple friendship between dog and man.