Suehiro Poochi Poochi Sparkling Sake

Style: Sparkling Nigori    Sparkling Method: Traditional (Championise)  

ABV: 8%     PrefectureFukushima   

Rice: Field blend        Rice Polish:  78%    

WaterNatural Spring Water from Mt. Hakaseyama   

Serve: Chilled

Sparkling sakes are produced in numerous ways. Sometimes carbon dioxide is simply injected into a finished sake. Other methods are more refined such as capturing the CO² naturally produced during fermentation – similar to Prosecco. Some sparkling sakes are even produced by traditional method, like Champagne. Poochi Poochi is produced by allowing a slight, secondary in-bottle fermentation giving the sake a gentle sparkle. A very small amount of the sake lees and unfermented rice are left in the bottle, giving a slight cloudy effect.

Hailing from the small region of Aizu within the Fukushima Prefecture since 1850, Suehiro Shuzo is truly one of the classic breweries of Japan, known throughout the country due to the number of national awards it has gained, and groundbreaking production methods it has spearheaded. Suehiro Shuzo is the founder of Yamahai style brewing. Yamahai sake begins with a “spontaneous” fermentation, using ambient microbes and yeast to begin the starter. It represented a departure from the much more labor intensive Kimoto method which was the standard until the early 20th century. Yamahai brewing is considered a classic style of brewing in the sake world. The resulting sake is lively, structured, and excellent with food. Suehiro was the first brewery to employ an official Toji, or brewmaster, now common in all sake breweries. They were also the first brewery to hold a formal contract with local rice growers ensuring rich community bonds.

Try this sake with salads, light fish, spicy shrimp pasta.