Settesoli, Nero d'Avola

Style: Full-bodied Red               Vintage: 2017                         ABV: 13%

Appellation: Sicilia                   Varietal: Nero d’Avola

Region: Sicily                            County:  Italy

Pairings:  Smoky cured beef, braised meats, pork loin, hearty stews, oxtail soup, burgers with bacon. The gamier the meat the better because it will simply make your wine taste more fruity and candy-like. Spices that will pair very well with Nero d’Avola include anise, orange rind, bay leaf, sage, cocoa powder, asian plum sauce, and coffee. Vegetarian options—black lentils and shitakes.

Cheese Pairings: heep’s milk cheeses, Cheddar, Fontina, Gruyere, Livarot, Muenster, Raclette

About This Wine: Settesoli's family of winegrowers have been passionately caring for their vineyards in coastal Sicily for generations. Grapes are carefully harvested under the warm Siciian sun, ensuring the wine has the heart and soul of this unique territory. This rich ruby red wine delivers aromas of ripe cherry with a soft, velvety finish.