Monti-Rosso Wine Glasses

About this product

Two red wine glasses in a box As companions to the successful Monti-Decanters, these ultra clear, lead-free crystal wine glasses have a design that’ll steal the show at your next dinner party. Designed perfectly for red wine, Monti-Rosso comfortably hold a standard 5oz pour, which measures just above the waist of each glass, but easily holds up to 12oz if filled. When red wine is poured into the Monti-Rosso, the oxygen exposure allows the flavors to develop in seconds, not years, so you get a brighter bouquet and clearer tasting notes. While pouring, the wine falls on top of the peak and aerates in a beautiful cascade down its sides.
Each glass and its center showcases the inspiration of the Italian Alps for this creation.
Designer: Daniele 'Danne' Semeraro Brand: Sempli Material: Lead free crystal Color:
Clear Includes: 2 Monti-Rosso Glasses  Care: Hand wash recommended Measurements: Height 4” Diameter 3.75” Capacity:  17.75 oz.