Mari Vineyards, Troglodyte Rosso Old Mission Peninsula (2019)

Ripe and rich black cherry flavors, dark gritty tannins, and mouthwatering acidity from the Teroldego play off of the softer bramble berry Pinot Noir and herbal Merlot, making this a great wine for any occasion. The winemaker believes in balance through blending; this is not just discards of wine thrown together. This philosophy is a driving force behind the Troglodyte wines, and these grapes were perfectly suited to pair up for this blend. The individual varietals forgo the spotlight in favor of a seamless blending of textures and flavors. For a long time, winemakers ran away from acidity while chasing big bordeauxs, but in this case the acidity from the Teroldego adds a refreshing feel. The tannins appear here as present but never overpowering. While this is not an obviously oaked wine, light oak does show subtly on the finish.