Ippongi Ginkoubai Hannya-tou Umeshu - Sake-based plum wine

Style: Sweet Heat     ABV: 12.5%

Region: Fukui        Country: Japan          Bottle Size: 150 mL

Enjoy Ippongi Ginkoubai Hannya-tou umeshu chilled after dinner – and discover the devilish nature of this drink! Umeshu is a Japanese sake-based plum liqueur, and Ippongi make some of the best. Here, they’ve combined it with chilli pepper for an intriguing sweet, silky-smooth drink that sneaks up on you with a hot kick.

‘Hannya tou’ is a Japanese legend about a beautiful young woman, whose husband repeatedly cheated on her. The young woman went wild with jealousy, and eventually it consumed her – turning her into a demon. This transformation of young beauty into a wild demon is the perfect namesake for this surprising liqueur.