Domaine Fevre Chablis-Fourchaume Premier Cru, 2014

Style: Full-bodied white                         Vintage: 2014                         ABV: 12.5%

Appellation: Chablis                             Varietal: Chardonnay

Region: Burgundy                                 County:  France

Pairings:  Oysters, Salmon, Tuna, and other fish, seafood and shellfish, grilled or in a cream sauce. Poultry and white meat, grilled or in a cream sauce—try Chicken Tarragon. Also, clam and seafood chowders, creamy polenta.

Cheese Pairings: Swiss cheese, aged goat cheese, Beaufort, Comté, Emmental and vintage Cheddar

About This Wine: The nose is dominated by airy and cool floral and white fruit elements that display top notes of citrus and iodine. The medium-bodied flavors are a combination of power and refinement as they too coat the mouth while delivering an abundance of minerality on the impeccably well-balanced finale.