Silver Lux Electric Corkscrew

The Silver Lux™ Electric Corkscrew is designed to uncork any bottle of wine with ease—at the touch of a button, this sleek opener pulls the cork smoothly up and out of your bottle. Rotate the top arrow from "close" to "open" to release and use the integrated foil cutter.

  • Rechargeable

  • Includes AC adapter

  • Removable foil cutter

    How to Use:

    1. Place the wine opener on the top of the bottle, keep the screw drill on the center of the cork. Make sure that the electric opener remains as straight as possible all the time.
    2. Press the lower button to release the cork out of the drill. Hold the bottle and wine opener firmly, and keep pressing the corkage button until the cork out of the bottle automatically.
    3. Keeps pressing the cork back button until the cork is pulled out. 
    • Do not put your finger into hole of corkscrew in any case, it may cause serious injury.