Baia's Wine, Tsitska Tsolikouri 2019

PLEASE NOTE: this wine is highly allocated. We only have six bottles of this vintage.

Style: Dry White                     Vintage: 2019                   ABV: 13%     

Varietal: 70% Tsolikouri, 30% Tsitska

Region: Imereti                          County: Georgia

Notes of wild pear and green apple, hazelnut, apricot, lovely high acid good weight on the pallet, slight tannin on the edges, finish of honeycomb.

Pair with:

  • Pork braised with apples
  • Grilled meats

About This Wine: A blend of two indigenous Imeretian varieties, Tsitska and Tsolikouri, made by the young woman winemaker Baia Abuladze. Both of the carieties are high-acid, lower-sugar grapes, adapted to the humid western Georgian climate. All the fruit is estate-grown in the village of Obcha, hand-picked, and hand-sorted. After destemming, the wine is pressed and put into stainless steel with partial skin contact for spontaneous fermentation.

Cofermented in stainless steel
15% Tsitska skins, 15% Tsolikouri skins (30% total skin contact)
Racked into stainless without sulfites
Racked in January off the lees before bottling, final added sulfites 50-60 ppm

Points of Distinction:

  • Woman winemaker
  • Low Intervention
  • Yeast: Wild/Airborne
  • Filtration: Unfiltered