Shiba Wichern Havelin Auxerrois, 2018

Style: Light-body dry white         Vintage: 2018               ABV: 11%

VarietalPinot Auxerrois

Appellation: Willamette  Valley    Region: Oregon             County: United States

Originally, we hadn't planned on having two separate white wine offerings, but Akiko insisted that this tank was so unique that it needed to be bottled separately. The wine in this tank is from our second press load - we can only fit so much in our relatively small press. While the first press load was running, we foot-crushed the second batch of Auxerrois grapes and let them soak on their skins for about 6 hours.

That little bit of time on the skins totally changed how the juice fermented and how the wine tastes in the bottle. Although, this press load also smelled like pineapples and coconuts while fermenting, in the bottle this wine is more serious and more complex than the Willamette Blanc. It is completely dry, but low alcohol with good acidity. Tannin structure from the skins keep the wine well balanced and easily drinkable.