Chambers Rosewood Vineyards, Muscat Rutherglen - Stickie (375 mL)

“Stickies” are the affectionate name Australians give to their sweet wines. Though sticklers (so to speak) reserve the term specifically for late harvest wines and wines affected by the noble rot known as botrytis, other Aussies include the country’s phenomenal fortified wines under the sticky umbrella. The most wickedly delicious of these are the sweet fortified muscats and topaques (formerly known as Tokays) from the Victoria region. Reminiscent of toffee, brown sugar, roasted nuts, vanilla, honey, and chocolate syrup, these are wines not to be missed. - Karen MacNeil

HISTORY: For the past 40 years winemaking responsibility at Chambers has rested with Bill Chambers, Chairman of Judges at the Melbourne Wine Show since 1980 and one of Australia's most respected wine personalities. Bill has recently entrusted son, Stephen, with the care of the ‘old material’ – dark, unctuous fortified wine that has matured quietly in the Chambers’ family cellars for more than a century.

WINEMAKING: In the warm fall climate the grapes ripen and shrivel on the vines producing natural sugar levels in the range of 30-36 degrees Brix. The raisined grapes are then picked, crushed and partially fermented before fortification. Wood aging follows in a program loosely resembling a solera system, lasting, in some cases, for over 100 years.

TASTING NOTES: Produced from Muscat a Petit Grains, or Brown Muscat as it is more commonly known, this blend is comprised of material aged between six and ten years old. Amber gold in color with copper hues, the nose offers fresh raisins, sultanas, lifted spirit and cinnamon oak spices. The palate is rich and silky, its sweet dried fruits balanced by aged oak tannins and bright acidity, providing a clean, rather than cloying, finish.

WINEMAKER: Stephen Chambers