Bel Lago Auxerrois Sparkling

Style: Brut Sparkling    Method: Charmat     Vintage: 2019       ABV: 13%

Varietal: Auxerrois     Appellation: Leelanau Peninsula

Region: Michigan     Country: United States

One of our favorite varietals at Bel Lago, our Auxerrois brut sparkling wine is a savory combination of bright acidity and a creamy texture. Akin to Chardonnay, Auxerrois (pronounced Awk - Sair - Wah) produces an aromatic sparkling wine with scents of bananas, dried figs, cloves and Golden Delicious apples on the nose. Notes of star fruit, redcurrant, gooseberry and jasmine meld with the velvety lees features of sourdough and anise. With plenty of fruit, acidity and structure, this dry sparkling wine is elegant and regal. — Charlie Edson, Blake Lougheed & Kyle Leppek, Bel Lago

A note from our Sommelier: I tried the sparkling Auxerrois in early September, 2021, and it instantly enchanted me. Balanced and beautiful, the taste immediately brought to mind the sensation of an early summer picnic in an orchard, cool breeze, delicious fruits and breads spread out before me, and the scent from the apple trees drifting lazily through the air. This is a gem not to be missed!