Baia's Wine Gvantsa’s Aladasturi Rose, 2019

Style: Dry Rone                     Vintage: 2019                   ABV: 13%     


Region: Imereti                          County: Georgia

This wine is a single focused project of Gvantsa Abuladze, with help of course from her sister Baia, and brother Giorgi. Gvantsa is a huge believer in rosé produced from the western Georgian varietal Aladasturi (ah-lah-dahs-too-ree) and is pioneering it. Every year she is increasing production. The wine is not de-stemmed and is direct pressed and the free run juice is then fermented with wild yeast in stainless steel tanks. Its new, youthful and rooted in history just like it's winemaker.


Points of Distinction:

  • Woman winemaker
  • Low Intervention
  • Yeast: Wild/Airborne
  • Rare varietal