Wifey Sparkling Rose

Wifey Rosé Italian Sparkling Wine is the first varietal within the Wifey line extensions. Wifey Rosé is produced in the scenic Veneto region of northern Italy. Wifey Rosé uses the Charmat method (Italian Method) in pressurized tanks to produce the superb soft bubbly wine. Its varietal blend consists of 70% Raboso and 30% Pinot Noir grapes. These grapes come together to deliver a high quality structured wine.

Deliate aromas of strawberry and raspberry that blossom into a bubbly, crisp well-balanced wine. Wifey Rosé pairs well with any cuisine and is best served chilled.

Wifey celebrates the epitome of women everywhere. We celebrate a woman's confidence, power, beauty and unrelenting love. We encourage women to celebrate all accomplishments both big and small. #CelebrateWithWifey #CelebrateLove