Adesso Cagni Dolce

Style: Sweet                                          ABV: 9%

Appellation: Cagnina di Romagna         Varietal: Refosco

Region: Emilia-Romagna                       County:  Italy

Pairings:  Aperitif, dessert, fruit salad. Also try with spicy food – Creole, Thai, Curry, anything with chili heat.

Cheese Pairings: Creamy cheeses such as Selles-sur-Cher (or other soft goat cheeses), Reblochon, Camembert, and Muenster, or with harder cheeses that have a "Swiss flavor" such as Comte, Beaufort, and Hoch Ybrig

About This Wine: Nobody know where the name Cagnina comes from, but this wine has been made since the 13th century exclusively in the Emilia-Romagna region, just south of Venice. Adesso, which means “now” in Italian, is a wine that is easy to love. Pleasantly sweet, Adesso’s berry aromas and flavors are impossible to resist. Low in alcohol, Adesso is a fun and easy to drink red wine for those who prefer their wines “a touch sweet”.