House of Brown Red 2021

• 80% Cabernet Sauvignon
• 20% Pinot Noir
• Small amounts of naturally occurring & added sulfites — nothing else.
Appellation: Lodi CA (Cosumnes River)
Alcohol: 12.5%
• Fermented in stainless steel lined with oak staves, 11 mos.
• Vegan friendly
• Certified sustainable per “Lodi Rules
Eye: Brilliant translucent ruby through and through.
Nose: Hibiscus, tea rose, pomegranate, and Maraschino cherry with subtle cinnamon, clove, and English lavender.
Palate: Light body and crisp acidity meet lush fruit and spices. Intense flavors make for a sublime lingering finish.
Pairing inspirations: Avocado & beet salad, tomato tart, hoisin pork buns, trout & watercress fritters, chicken Caesar salad, French onion soup.