Cantina Colli Euganei, Prosecco (2018)

The Cantina Colli Euganei Association was founded in 1949 by a group of wine growers who joined in order to work their grapes together, to promote their wines and to sell them under one single trademark. The production and bottling plant is located at about 30 Km from Padua and at 60 Km from Venice. The plant in Vò is situated inside the Euganean Hills Regional Natural Park, which covers an area of about 340 Kmq and has a perimeter of ca. 65 Km.

The morphologic profile of the area is characterized by about a hundred of hills of volcanic origins, among which the Mount Venda- in the central area - stands out with its more than 600 m.

Besides the beauty of their naturalistic sites and of their typical villages, the Euganean Hills, thanks to the orographic features of their territory and to the heterogeneous composition of their soils, are characterized by a widespread vine cultivation, which spreads for more than 4.000 ha (9,884 acres) followed by the cultivation of olives, cherry trees and chestnut trees. On the oriental side of the Euganean Hills there are the four towns of Abano, Montegrotto, Galzignano and Battaglia Terme , which constitute the most ancient geothermal basin in Europe.

Its fame is due to the waters that spring from the underground and that, mixing with clay and organic slime, give origin to the well-known healing mud baths.

It is in this territory, so particularly suitable for vine growing, that in 1969 the Denomination of Controlled Origin (D.O.C.) "Colli Euganei" was established. Its first purpose was to safeguard the cultivation of vineyards that had always been present on these hill slopes.