Konteki Tears of Dawn Daiginjo

Grade: Daiginjo      ABV: 15.5%       

Prefecture: Kyoto     Rice: Yamada Nishiki      Rice polish: 50%

Water: Fushimi Mizu     Serve: Room temp or Chilled

Lush notes of tropical banana, anise seed, and truffle. These same flavors come rushing through the full-bodied palate followed by a velvety and dangerously smooth finish.

The epitome of purity, this sake is more subtle and nuanced than most Daiginjos. It is based on the ideals of Zen Buddhism and "wabi-sabi," the belief that beauty within the arts should be as understated and pure as fresh morning dew. One of two sakes brewed in exactly the same way with the same ingredients, except this one has added distilled alcohol to open up aromatics, and the other, Pearls of Simplicity, is a Junmai Daignjo with no added alcohol.

A note from our Somm: This sake is piney perfection! Notes of green apple and mint mingle beautifuly with its spicy notes, cereal, and refreshing pine. I love this with smoked oysters on crostini, duck confit, and miso-glazed fish. Try is chilled in a white wine glass, or warmed in an ochoko (sake cup). - Shelley 

About the brewery:

Konteki’s culture centers around 15th century ideals of Zen Buddhism and purity in beauty.

Kyoto is the birthplace of sake and is home to the local Fushimi Mizu, one of Japan’s most prized water sources of soft, pure water.

Well-respected rice farmer Masayasu Tanaka grows rice for the brewery. He is famous for growing some of Japan’s best quality Yamada Nishiki rice, considered the pinnacle of premium sake rice.