Candoni Prosecco Brut -


Delicate and fruity with a hint of honey, Candoni Prosecco is crisp and clean in the mouth with a pleasant acidity that leaves behind a delicious and persistent freshness with a dry, well-balanced taste.

Wine Making Notes 

Candoni Prosecco is produced in the flourishing vineyard nestled in the midst of the hilly Prosecco district close to the historic city of Conegliano in the Veneto Region in Italy. The grapes are picked when they are still a little bit ripe to maintain the freshness of the product. Prosecco is made with the Charmat Method, which consists of a double fermentation in which the second fermentation is in large stainless steel pressurized tanks. The wine is then bottled under pressureized conditions leaving no yeast. This creates a refreshing, clean, full sparkling fruity product