Alpha Omega II Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Style: Light body white        Vintage: 2016    

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc        AppellationNapa Valley

Region: California        Country: United States


2016 was a near-perfect growing season thanks to ideal weather conditions, giving Napa Valley another winner in a string of historic vintages. Spring budbreak came early due to dry and relatively warm soils from a drought winter. This essentially sped-up the entire growing cycle, and we were able to monitor progress in the vineyard without any major heat spikes to cause concern. Picking began in early September for our warmer site in Calistoga and stretched out another three weeks into the cooler end of the Valley. We could essentially operate on our own harvest schedule and time our pick dates for ideal ripening. It’s never really correct to say that farming is easy, but 2016 was pretty close to stress-free.